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Dr. Alex Duan

+61 3 8344 6485

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TrACEES’ Soil node, located at Burnley campus, was evolved from Soil Science Group of Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science (FVAS). As a former Melbourne School of Land and Environment, the node has an extensive research knowledge, expertise and collaboration in every aspect of soil science ranging from its physical to chemical properties.

Soil node specialises in:

  • Isotope ratio analysis of gases and liquids using Isotope ratio mass spectrometry
  • Elemental, gas and nutrient analysis based on inductively-coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry, gas chromatography and nutrient analysis.



Soil science research and analysis is led by internationally reputable academics with very strong track records in research and innovation.


The platform offers the following services and please visit our website and tell us about your enquiry.

  • Fee for service
  • Training and instrument booking
  • Collaboration

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Isotope ratio mass spectrometer used for carbon and oxygen isotopes.

Facility: Dr. Alex Duan | +61 3 8344 6485

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Type: Core facility in a research organisation, Research laboratory
Discipline areas: Chemical Science, Materials Science
Precinct: South east
Affiliations: The University of Melbourne