TrACEES Chemical Analysis

Offering a range of services, expert consultation and research support for chemical analysis


Dr. Alex Duan

+61 3 8344 6485

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Forming part of the Trace Analysis for Chemical, Earth and Environmental Sciences (TrACEES) Platform, TrACEES Chemical Analysis facility is dedicated to providing high quality and unique surface and chemical analysis, technical support and expertise for research and industry in chemical, materials, environmental and life sciences including training of research students and staff.



Detection and identification of chemicals and materials used in food science, art conservation, earthen and soil , life and environmental sciences.


The platform offers the following services and please visit our website and tell us about your enquiry.

  • Fee for service
  • Training and instrument booking
  • Collaboration

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Dr. Augustine Doronila

Dr. Augustine Doronila

Scientist, Technical Officer at The University of Melbourne, .

Dr. Augustine Doronila engages with many industries, in particular small and medium enterprises (SME) which require analytical services and scientific consultation to enhance and value add their processes. This has resulted in productive and worthwhile contracts and partnerships with industry and government authorities and utilities (ca. 20 in 2 years), which harness the capabilities of SCAN and its collaborators.
Augustine draws on many years of research and collaboration in environmental and analytical chemistry and ecology. He has been involved in post mining land rehabilitation with different mining and extractive industries. His expertise includes research on arsenic and mercury bioavailability and food chain transfer, heavy metal bioavailability, metal uptake in plants, soil chemistry and plant nutrition, restoration ecology and postmining reclamation.

P: 0383446485 | Email |



Atomic absorption spectrophotometer used for Trace metal analysis at low detection level (ppb).

Facility: Dr. Alex Duan | +61 3 8344 6485


Gas chromatography mass spectrometry used for Organic materials separation and detection.

Facility: Dr. Alex Duan | +61 3 8344 6485


Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy used for Trace metals, toxic heavy metals, nutrients, minerals.

Facility: Dr. Alex Duan | +61 3 8344 6485


Liquid chromatography mass spectrometer used for Non-volatile, solvent soluble organic materials.

Facility: Dr. Alex Duan | +61 3 8344 6485


Analytical services

Used for chemical analysis, quality control, special analytical needs.

Facility contact: Dr. Alex Duan | +61 3 8344 6485




Type: Core facility in a research organisation
Discipline areas: Chemical Science
Precinct: Central
Affiliations: The University of Melbourne