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Ms. Anneliese Gillard


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Post author: Gerard Gibbs. Last update: 27/07/2015 at 2:44 pm by Gerard Gibbs.


The VPTN provides a resource to local research community to present their research core facilities, instrumentation and services under a comprehensive website which consolidates the available resources for easier search and identification by the user community. We provide facility profiles which can be completely managed by the facility manager.

The VPTN is supported by the Victorian State government and is managed by Biomedical Research Victoria and Monash University, DVC Research and Research Infrastructure office. The VPTN incorporates all research organisations in Victoria.

The scope of the VPTN has included Biosciences, but is now expanding to include other scientific disciplines such as materials science, additive manufacturing and foodsciences.



The Australian Research Infrastructure Network (ARIN) is an initiative of the VPTN.


Joining the VPTN is free. However a principal of the VPTN is that only facilities in not-for-profit or publicly funded research institutions who wish to promote open access to their resources are included.

The criteria are that you have an open access policy and that there are staff who can assist researchers and industry to use the facilities instrumentation, or who can provide a research service for he client. These would normally be a full time facility manager and their staff.

Access by fee for service
Access by users external to managing organisation, Access by users internal to managing organisation


Dr. Gerard Gibbs

Dr. Gerard Gibbs

Network Manager at Biomedical Research Victoria, .

Gerard is a former research scientist who understands the challenges and subtleties of the sector and has directly experienced the benefits of having better access to research infrastructure. He is a strong advocate for shared and open resources to drive productivity and increase quality. He is passionate about using online resources and networking to support and enable innovation.

P: 421522346 | Email | Linked In | Research Gate | Twitter |

Mr. Tanya Mitchell

Mr. Tanya Mitchell

Communications / PR / Marketing at Biomedical Research Victoria, .

Email |

Dr. Andrew Runting

Dr. Andrew Runting

ARIN Manager at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

With over 16 years experience in the provision of IT solutions to medical research, Andrew started off as a molecular biologist in the lab but quickly found a niche in bridging the divide between researchers and their IT department.

P: +61 3 9902 9362 | Email | Linked In |

Ms. Anneliese Gillard

Ms. Anneliese Gillard

Business Development at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

Email |



Software used for scientific core facilities management, reporting and invoicing.

Instrument specialist and preferred contact: |


Online resource used for easier discovery of the facility you need to complete your job.

Instrument specialist and preferred contact: |


Marketing and communications

Used for promotion of VPTN infrastructure resources..

Service specialist and preferred contact: |

Professional Development

Used for Upskilling on facilities management topics.

Service specialist and preferred contact: |


This facility has multiple nodes

The Victorian Platform Technologies Network at Biomedical Research Victoria

Biomedical Research Victoria. , 157 Barry Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia.
Node manager: Dr. Gerard Gibbs. P: 421522346. E:
The Biomedical Research Victoria Node covers facilities in Victoria across Parkville, Carlton, Melbourne, East Melbourne, Heidelberg and Bundoora.

The Victorian Platform Technologies Network at Southern Node

Monash University, Clayton Campus. Level 2, 15 Innovation Walk, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.
Node manager: Ms. Anneliese Gillard. P: 0. E:
The Southern Node covers….



Type: Other (Network)
Discipline areas: Biological Science, Excercise & Sports Science
Precinct: Central, Northern, South east, South west
Affiliations: Biomedical Research Victoria

Biological Science categories: Antibody production, Conjugation, Monoclonal, Polyclonal, Purification, Screening assays
Exercise and Sports Science categories: Biomechanics, Gait analysis