Structure Based Drug Design

St Vincents Institute of Medical Research


Ms. Belinda Michell

(613) 9228 2480

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This facility uses virtual screening to facilitate structure-based drug design. Once the structure of a protein is elucidated, the structure is screened against a data base containing the structures of more than 4 million compounds with aim of finding drug-like molecules that are predicted to bind to the protein structure. It also has the ability to undertake computational hit to lead and lead optimisation as well as experimental approaches including fragment screening.

Other infrastructure:

  • X-Ray Crystallography .
  • Circular Dichroism.
  • Dynamic Light Scattering.

Access by:

  • Research collaboration.



Know how:

  • Stucture Based Drug Design.

Expertise:Availability of technical support:

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Rigaku Micromax 007-HF RAXIS IV ++ detector

X-ray generator used for X-Ray diffraction and data collection.

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Structure Based Drug Design

St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research. 9 Princes Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.

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Type: Research laboratory
Discipline areas: Biological Science
Precinct: Central
Affiliations: Bio21 Institute, St Vincents Institute of Medical Research, The University of Melbourne

Biological Science categories: Bioinformatics, Computational, Discovery, Drug development, Molecular modeling, Structural biology, X-ray crystallography and SAXS

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