Rapid Automated Materials & Processing Centre (RAMP), CSIRO

Fast-tracking materials, processing and formulation research


Dr. Ben Muir

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The Rapid Automated Materials & Processing centre (RAMP) enables the automated and high-throughput synthesis, optimisation and processing of materials for use in various industries and academic research projects. RAMP facilitates and streamlines the development of new advanced materials by consolidating robotic and automated equipment with the relevant expertise (of CSIRO researchers) at a single site. Accelerating research and development can contribute to significant savings in research programs, product design and process optimisation. The approaches used are particularly applicable to the manufacturing, health and technology sectors.

The value that the RAMP centre creates for our partners is the fast-tracking of research through the application of automated materials’ synthesis, characterisation and testing workflows.. This is facilitated through the development of optimised processing protocols which enable a faster introduction of the materials produced into the marketplace via their rapid optimisation which is rarely possible using standard research and development techniques.

We aid chemistry and materials processing workflows through the use of

  • intelligent experimental design
  • robotic-assisted synthesis platforms
  • high-throughput performance evaluation
  • rapid and automated characterisation
  • data storage and mining (informatics).

In partnership with industry and academia the use of equipment in RAMP has enhanced research in several fields via making libraries of various materials and aiding formulation with our robotic synthesis equipment including:

  • New Chemical Entity Discovery (e.g. Therapeutic compounds and nanoparticles for use in applications such as cancer treatment and Gene therapy)
  • RAFT & other polymer synthesis techniques
  • Novel formulation for drug delivery applications
  • Mining (High energy release materials)
  • Chemical Processing (Catalytic processes and thermal treatment)
  • Preparation of metal organic frameworks, inorganics, nanoparticles and ionic liquids
  • Fine Chemical Manufacturing

The RAMP centre is accelerating the adoption of smart materials into a broad range of applications’ using new approaches to provide improved productivity. The centre offers rapid multi-scale design and optimisation of materials properties which leads to the creation of novel materials. An increased competitive advantage for our partners can be created by developing solutions through better products, processes and services.



Features and capabilities of this facility include:

  • A fully equipped materials synthesis laboratory with state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • In-house technical support and training provided including workflow integration
  • Two Chemspeed robotic synthesis platforms
  • An Avantium Flowrence High-Throughput catalysis unit
  • A nanoparticle handling laboratory with specialised equipment
  • A DotBot solid pin microarray robot for printing materials
  • A biotage microwave reactor
  • Robotic arm and furnace
  • 3D printing


  • A Flexstation 3 kinetic microtitre UV-fluorescence-luminescence plate reader with monochromator
  • A plate readerformat DLS- Wyatt DynaPro Titan (nanoparticle sizing)
  • A Zetasizer Nano (nanoparticle sizing)
  • An ArraywoRx microarray scanner

Industry (commercial entities), Academic Researchers & Students  can access our facility on a fee for service basis or via a collaborative model.

Access by collaboration, Access by fee for service
Access by users external to managing organisation, Access by users internal to managing organisation


Dr. Ben Muir

Dr. Ben Muir

Facility Manager at CSIRO, .

P: 03 9545 2452 | Email |

Dr. Danielle Kennedy

Dr. Danielle Kennedy

Facility Manager at CSIRO, .

P: 03 9545 2611 | Email |


ArrayworX microarray scanner

A fluorescent slide scanner used for imaging microarray surfaces on standard glass slides.

Facility: |

Biotage mircowave reactor

Microwave chemistry used for automated sample transfers, programmable microwave.

Facility: |

Chemspeed SLT

Robotic materials synthesis unit used for synthesis of libraries of chemicals, materials or formulations.

Facility: |

Chemspeed Swing

Robotic materials synthesis unit used for synthesis of libraries of chemicals, materials or formulations. Kinetic studies involving timepoint analysis..

Facility: |

DotBot microarray robot

A solid pin printing robot used for Microarray.

Facility: |

Flexstation 3 kinetic microtitre UV-fluorescence MT plate reader

A multiwell plate reader with a high efficiency monochromator optics. used for reading plates.

Facility: |

Inert atmosphere glove box

Inert atmosphere glove box used for handling of air sensitive chemicals.

Facility: |

Laboratory preparative space

Lab space for preparation of experiments used for preparation of solutions and chemicals.

Facility: |


Ultra-Centrifuge used for separation of solids including nanoparticles from solution.

Facility: |

Wyatt DynaPro Titan plate reader (nanoparticle sizing in MTP format)

A nanoparticle sizer using dynamic light scattering and measuring samples in multiwell plates used for measuring stable solutions of particles for nanoparticle size in a bottom read multi-well plate format..

Facility: |

Zetasizer Nano (nanoparticle sizing)

Dynamic light scattering analysis of nanoparticles used for nanoparticle sizing.

Facility: |


Library synthesis

Used for creating libraries of more than 40 iterations.

Facility contact: |

Materials formulation

Used for optimising formulation of materials..

Facility contact: |


Rapid Automated Materials & Processing Centre (RAMP), CSIRO

CSIRO, . Bayview Avenue, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

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Type: Core facility in a research organisation
Discipline areas: Materials Science, Nano Science, Physical Science
Precinct: South east
Affiliations: CSIRO

Tags: Biological Science, catalysts, Fluoresence, formulation, high-throughput synthesis, Informatics, inorganic materials, ionic liquids, materials design, Materials Libraries, Materials Science, Materials Synthesis, metal organic frameworks, Nano Science, nanoparticles, organic materials, Particle sizing, peptide synthesis, polymers, production, UV