PlatformConnect focuses on outcomes.

PlatformConnect allows the Seeker to describe their desired outcome and draw upon the expertise of the Provider – facilities in the VPTN – to deliver the best approach possible.

Seeker or Provider?

The role you select upon registration determines what you do in PlatformConnect. Never fear if you chose incorrectly, your role can be changed. The process for PlatformConnect for each role is indicated below.Learn more about roles »


Industry. Researcher. Anyone.


Post a Project

Provide a brief description of your required project outcomes and any specific methods or approaches you may prefer. Select the appropriate discipline area and categories. Upload a file with more info, if you want.

Assess the Provider responses

Clarify your requirements

Use the built in private communications or the open message board.

Choose your provider.

Select the tick icon from the bid table to  notify the selected provider and open the private Project Dashboard


VPTN facilities


Review PlatfomConnect new projects, or keep and eye on your email

Facilities will be notified by email of any projects posted in their discipline area and categories, or return to the PlatformConnect and browse recently posted Projects. Any person with a Provider account can select to automatically receive emails.

Assess the Seeker Project

Can the Seeker objectives be met. Create your bid, upload any files to support your response.

Clarify your bid with the Private Communication channel

As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. Your approach to achieve the outcome may be different based upon your instrumentation and expertise.

You've not been selected.

The seeker will indicate why you were not selected.

You've been chosen.

Excellent! Get notified and start working using the inbuilt private Project Dashboard.