Live Cell and Dynamic Imaging

WEHI Centre for Dynamic Imaging provides precision imaging across a broad scale, from single cells and tissue slices to whole organisms using both fluorescence and bioluminescence modalities.

Producing Protein

Using its liquid handling robots - MPPU can process up to 96 samples or 96 different conditions per protein when expressed in E.coli, within 24 – 48 hours.

Ani-mazing presentations

In the same way Hollywood forensic scientist characters use computer-generated images to help solve a crime or diagnose a condition, BioMation Biomedical Animation and Visualisation uses Hollywood special effects software to bring to life the mysteries of biomedicine.

ARIN: 1800 users and growing

More than 1800 people are now using ARIN for online booking and instrument usage reporting, and over 17,255 reservations have been made.

Nano hub for industry

Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication is a hub of academic activity, where researchers in industry and academia across Victoria and Australia can collaborate on projects together.

Drug candidate R&D

CDCO shows how academic research can shine at working with pharmaceutical companies.

Genome Sequencing - our lab or yours?

We often think it’s cheaper to do experiments in our own laboratory rather than using a core facility. But does our own lab have the latest and most efficient equipment? Do we think about the time and anguish to be saved by an experienced hand helping in designing the experiment – or in preparing samples for the best outcome? We spoke to Lavinia Gordon about how her Bioinformatics work at the AGRF can benefit the Australian research community.

RAMPing up polymer synthesis

Rapidly develop new products and also publish your research outcomes faster and more prolifically, using the Rapid Automated Materials & Processing centre (RAMP) at CSIRO

ARIN joins national access initiative - AAF

ARIN is a world leading research facility management software solution initiated by the Victorian Platform Technologies Network (VPTN). The software allows researchers to book instruments and services across its network and report on usage. To find out more go to

Taking SIM by STORM

Burnet Cell Imaging Facility has a new dual function super-resolution microscope.

ARIN Project update

The Australian Research Infrastructure Network (ARIN) is slated for Go-Live later this year. Engineers from our software partner are working to ensure smooth and timely implementation of Stage 1.