Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program and VPTN Facilities

The Australian Government's Entrepreneur's Infrastructure Program uses facilitators and advisers drawn from industry to ensure businesses get the advice and support they need to improve their competitiveness and productivity.

Case studies make it

The VPTN managers are often out presenting to various groups on the resources that are available through the network, like the recent presentation to the Victorian business advisers to the Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Program.

Top 5 under 40

Are you bursting to tell people about your research? Win 10…

VPTN: Connections in 2014

By the twelfth month of 2014, the VPTN delivered: 20 articles written promoting VPTN facilities, 15 new member facilities, 7 professional development events, 2 new online services, 2 networking events - and a Showcase at the Synchrotron!

Victorian infection and immunity expertise

The Victorian Infection and Immunity Network connects researchers and students with health care and industry to solve problems in infectious diseases and immunology.

Genome Sequencing - our lab or yours?

We often think it’s cheaper to do experiments in our own laboratory rather than using a core facility. But does our own lab have the latest and most efficient equipment? Do we think about the time and anguish to be saved by an experienced hand helping in designing the experiment – or in preparing samples for the best outcome? We spoke to Lavinia Gordon about how her Bioinformatics work at the AGRF can benefit the Australian research community.

ARIN Project update

The Australian Research Infrastructure Network (ARIN) is slated for Go-Live later this year. Engineers from our software partner are working to ensure smooth and timely implementation of Stage 1.