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Ms. Noelene Quinsey

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The PPU specialise in the purification of recombinant proteins from a variety of common recombinant expression sources. They are capable of cloning supplied DNA constructs into a variety of vectors for expression trials. With the supplied constructs, a high-through put approach is used to determine the optimal expression conditions for a particular construct. The main conditions analysed are construct type, solubility tag, temperature of expression, cell line, media components and solubility of expression of the constructs. From this point, we are capable of scaling up the expression conditions and purifying the required proteins using our automated protein purification systems. The capability of our units, allows us to purify up to 48 individual proteins at any one time and the amount of material capable of being purified up to 100mg of proteins. The purified material is analysed in a variety of ways to ensure purity and to validate the purified protein.
We offer the ability to remove solubility tags from the recombinant proteins using a variety of novel proteases and we are capable of purifying the cleaved products. Our refolding screens allow us to attempt to refold those recombinant proteins that are insoluble in E.coli. We are capable of purifying proteins that are unfolded and depending on the protein, we can analyse the protein for functional aspects.
Using a variety of high throughput protocols, we are able to optimize the storage buffer conditions for the recombinant proteins that we produce. This can allow the proteins to be stored for longer periods or allows the proteins to concentrated to high density if there is a optimal buffer condition present.



Know how:

  • Analysis of the material and expression conditions required for the generation of recombinant proteins and the various purification schemes that can be used to purify proteins.
  • Analysis of Data generated from the various pieces of equipment used in the unit
  • Both key members of the unit each have over 15 years experience in cloning, DNA muliuation expressing, purifying and analysing recombinant proteins from a variety of sources.

Expertise:Availability of technical support:

  • Technical support is available

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People can access our services by contacting us via email, phone or visiting our Monash University laboratory space by appointment only.

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Ms. Noelene Quinsey

Ms. Noelene Quinsey

Facility Manager at Monash University, .

P: (613) 9902 0020 | Email | Linked In |


Akta Avant 25

semi-automated FPlC used for Protein purification, protocol development.

Facility: |

Akta Express units (X12)

automated protein purification FPLC used for liquid chromatography of proteins.

Facility: |

Blitz Biosensor

Biosensor used for measure protein protein interactions, detection of expression of recombinant proteins.

Facility: |

Evo Tecan Robot

liquid handling robot used for high through put screening of expression clones and conditions of recombinant proteins. .

Facility: |

Flurostar Omega

Multiwave length plate reader with LVis plate attachement used for Protein kinetic Assays colourmetric, Fluorescence assays, absorbance assays.

Facility: |

Infors multitron Cell CO2 shaker incubators (X3)

CO2 shaker incubator used for growth of of mammalian cells cell cultures in suspension culture.

Facility: |

Multi tron Infors shaker incubators (x7)

Shaker incubators used for growth of bacterial cultures for the growth of E.coli, yeast and insect cells for the production of recombinant proteins.

Facility: |

RT-PCR machine

RT-PCR machine used for analysis of proteins in a various buffers.

Facility: |


high-throughput protein production

Used for Large numbers of proteins purified using a standardised purification scheme.

Facility contact: |

recombinant protein purification

Used for production of antigen for vaccine trials, general biological reagents, Research and development proj.

Facility contact: |

refolding recombinant proteins

Used for Production of refolded proteins.

Facility contact: |

small scale optimization E.coli

Used for Identification of expression conditions for recombinant proteins in E.coli strains.

Facility contact: |




Type: Core facility in a research organisation
Discipline areas: Biological Science
Precinct: South east
Affiliations: Monash University

Biological Science categories: Antibody production, Assay development, Bio-Assay, Cell culture, Cells and tissues, Functional assays, Monoclonal, Properties and interactions, Protein Purification, Proteins and peptides, Purification, Recombinant proteins