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Ms. Camilla Cohen

+61 3 99052740

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Monash Histology Platform is a world class, full service Histology Laboratory partnering for success in research, education and clinical results.
Located within the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, the Platform provides expert service, advice and training to internal and external clients for all histological studies involving fresh tissue and tissue embedded in paraffin, resin and glycomethacrylate.



The Histology Platform has two service streams; a full end-to-end service provided by specialist staff, or a “Do it Yourself” service providing access to laboratory facilities, specialist equipment and consumables.
A consultation service provided by experienced, qualified staff members will help you with your Histology needs. Whether you require training in Histological procedures, or want to use an embeddor or microtome,  or wish to utilise our Professional Services for processing, cutting, staining or digital scanning of your slides, the Monash Histology team can assist you.


Contact the Facility Manager Camilla Cohen, or refer to the Monash Histology Platform Website

The Histology Platform operates on a fee for services basis for all services and laboratory access.

Program participation: ARIN, Innovation Voucher Supplier, Technology Voucher Supplier
Access by collaboration, Access by fee for service
Access by users external to managing organisation, Access by users internal to managing organisation


Aperio XT Slide Scanner

Digital Slide Scanner used for Digital imaging of Histological slides.

Facility: |

Immunohistochemistry Autostainer

Automated Immunohistochemical stainer used for Automated staining of Histological slides by Immunohistochemical methods.

Facility: |

Leica Cryostat

Cryostat used for Generation of fresh or fixed sections at low temperature.

Facility: |

Leica Peloris II

Tissue Processor used for Processing Histological samples to paraffin wax.

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Methacrylate microtomes

Microtomes used for Generation of GMA (resin) sections..

Facility: |

Micro Tissue Arrayer

Creates multiple tissue samples in a single block used for Creating multi-array blocks.

Facility: |

Microscope with polarization and fluorescent capabililties, and digital camera attachment

Multi purpose microscope used for Polarization, basic fluorescence or digital photography.

Facility: |

Rotary Microtomes

Microtomes used for Generates sections from samples embedded in paraffin.

Facility: |

Shandon Histocentre 3

Tissue Embedding Centre used for Embedding processed tissue samples into paraffin wax.

Facility: |

Thermo Fischer Printmate

Cassette writer used for Generating pre-labelled tissue cassettes.

Facility: |

Ultra Mictrotome

Automated microtome used for Generation of ultra-thin sections for TEM.

Facility: |


Histology Equipment hire and user training

Used for Training and use of any Histological equipment provided on site for “Do-It-Yourself” users .

Facility contact: |

Professional Histological Services

Used for Generation of Histological slides tailored to your specific needs.

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This facility has multiple nodes

Monash Histology Platform at MHP-MHTP Histology Node

Hudson Institute of Medical Research, . MHTP Technology Platforms, 27-31 Wright Street, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.
Node manager: Ms. Angela Vais. P: +61 3 9594 5618. E:
The Hudson Institute’s Histology Facility was established in 1999 to support the needs of researchers and students at the Institute. The Facility also provides services for the Monash Health Translation Precinct (MHTP) and external clients. Our aim is to provide high quality, reliable and cost effective histological services.

We offer service and advice on all aspects of histology, from fixation through to staining. Our professional services are available to all Hudson Institute, MHTP and external personnel, and we also offer training and supervision to staff and students wishing to use the facility and equipment themselves.

Monash Histology Platform at Monash Histology Platform – Clayton Node

Monash University, . Room CG53, Monash University Clayton, 10 Chancellors Walk, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.
Node manager: Ms. Camilla Cohen. P: +61 3 99052740. E:
The Clayton node is the main site of the Monash Histology Platform.

Monash Histology Platform at Monash Histology Platform – AMREP Node

! Other, . Level 1, Room 1U51/5, 89 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Node manager: Ms. Jelena Kezic. P: +61 3 99030637. E:
This node of the Monash Histology Platform is based at AMREP.



Type: Core facility in a research organisation
Discipline areas: Biological Science
Precinct: South east
Affiliations: Monash University

Biological Science categories: Histology