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Professor Paul McMenamin

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CHAE 3D provides three-dimensional modelling and printing facilities within Monash University’s Centre for Human Anatomy Education. The facility focuses of creating 3D printed anatomical specimens for use in teaching medical anatomy, but is also available for external print jobs.

We are able to provide full colour laser scanning technology, organise CT scanning and 3D print models in both full colour gypsum or single colour ABS plastic.



CHAE 3D can provide access and advice on 3D model creation and printing.

3D Printing and scanning technologies

  • Our ZPrinter 650 3D printer allows for large model size (254 x 381 x 203 mm), high resolution (0.1mm layer thickness) full colour model creation in a gypsum-like material.
  • Our Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer creates models in single colour in a range of plastics.
  • We are able to provide assistance with model generation and 3D printing advise.
  • Model creation is available through our full colour laser scanning equipment.

Please contact Professor Paul McMenamin (Director) or Michelle Quayle (Technical assistant) for information on access to this facility.

Access by fee for service
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Ms. Michelle Quayle

Ms. Michelle Quayle

Facility Staff at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

P: 419396845 | Email | Linked In |

Professor Paul McMenamin

Professor Paul McMenamin

Director at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

P: (03) 99056215 | Email |

Dr. Simon Collins

Dr. Simon Collins

Facility Staff at Monash University, .

Email |


Artec Spider Laser Scanner

3D laser scanner used for digitising objects in full colour.

Instrument specialist and preferred contact: |

Makerbot Replicator 2X

Desktop plastic 3D printer used for for creating 3D models using up to two extruders. .

Instrument specialist and preferred contact: |

ZPrinter 650

Full colour powder 3D Printer used for producing 3D models.

Instrument specialist and preferred contact: |


Monash CHAE 3D Printing

Monash University, Clayton Campus. Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Building 13C, Room 150, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

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