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MARP facilities supply and accommodate a wide range of animals for research and teaching projects, including mice, rats, rabbits and sheep. Genetically modifies mice are available for use by clients as models for human disease states. MARP can provide clients with help in importation of novel transgenic models through its AQIS approved quarantine station and establishing new breeding colonies at one of the small animal facilities on Clayton campus, Monash University.



Know how:

  • Supply of research animal models including SPF rodents, non human primates, sheep and rabbits
  • Generation of genetically modified rodent models including the DNA construct phase
  • Custom animal breeding programs and reproductive management including in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer
  • Agistment of various animal species and technical support for research projects
  • Cryopreservation of reproductive materials including sperm and embryos
  • Importation of laboratory animals and biological materials
  • Animal derived antibody production services
  • Provision of surgical facilities, equipment and veterinary support for surgical procedures.

Expertise:Availability of technical support:

  • Technical support is available

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Monash Animal Research Platform

Monash University, . Monash University, Wellington Road, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

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Type: Core facility in a research organisation
Discipline areas: Biological Science
Precinct: South east
Affiliations: Monash University

Biological Science categories: Animal models, Animal services, Bioresources, Housing, Mouse, Rat, Transgenic and Knock-out production