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Mr. Trevor Wilson

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High content screening is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art method used to identify modulations of cell biology and develop new therapeutics. The new High Content Cell Discovery and Screening Facility (HCSF) based at MIMR combines the advantages of high content screening with the development of genome-wide RNAi libraries and robotics to facilitate moderately high throughput delivery science and screening assays. It is the first of its kind in Victoria and only the second in Australia.



Know how:

  • Service 1:The ArrayScan is an automated Fluorescent microscope with image processing algorithms which allows morphological analysis and quantitation of fluorescent based cellular assays performed in multi-well plates (up to 384 well). Results for such assays include morphological data, quantitation of cell numbers and fluorescent signals. For example:-
    • Quantitation of apoptosis using fluorescent dyes
    • Cell Health determined by mitochondrial stains
    • Calcium influx
    • Quantitation of fluorescent proteins or reporters
    • Quantitation of proteins detected by fluorescent coupled antibody
    • Localisation of these fluorescent reporters, e.g. nuclear translocation; membrane internalisation; intracellular tracking.
  • Service 2: Use of the ArrayScan Instrument in conjuction with RNAi library screen. Use of the libraries and robotics to screen for novel molecules or identification of new genes/roles for gene in assay such as indicated above.
  • Service 3:Use of the ArrayScan in conjuction with robotics to set up complicated and labour intense assays
  • Service 4: Use of Robotics and/or siRNA libraries in conjuction with other readout, e.g. Luciferase, ELISA etc.

Expertise:Availability of technical support:

  • Technical support is available

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To access the facility’s services, please contact the facility manager, or make a request via ARIN.

Program participation: ARIN
Access by fee for service
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Mr. Trevor Wilson

Mr. Trevor Wilson

Facility Manager at Monash University, .

P: (613) 9594 7207 | Email |

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Type: Core facility in a research organisation
Discipline areas: Biological Science
Precinct: South east
Affiliations: Monash Health Translation Precinct

Biological Science categories: Bioresources, Cells and tissues, High-content systems, Live-cell, Microscopy, Molecular libraries, Quantitative image analysis, RNA