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We develop methods and systems to collect, store, access, retrieve, integrate, analyse research data


Ms. Anne Woollett

+61 3 83443802

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Health informatics is the application of informatics in the clinical and biomedical domain, concerned with “the optimal use of information, often aided by the use of technology, to improve individual health, health care, public health, and biomedical research”.

Our Health IT research platform includes access to a number of health informatics tools, including:

– RedCAP™ (web-based research data collection),
– GRHANITE™ (privacy-protection data extraction and linkage tool)
– TranSMART (biomedical data warehousing or research repository)
– Biogrid (collated clinical, imaging and biospecimen data from multiple jurisdictions, institutions and diseases)



Our service will help researchers address the challenges associated with the processing of biomedical information and knowledge to ensure the optimal collection storage, analysis and use of clinical research data.

In the context of clinical research, consulting with a health informatics specialist will facilitate and provide support in methods related to:

– Data organization, data provenance and data governance from the design stage
– Systematic clinical data acquisition and data collection, including new molecular analytical technologies (eg. clinical genomics) and new sensors and devices for individual health data (eg. mobile health, quantified self)
– Data linkage, integration and privacy protection methods (eg. identity matching and de-identification)
– Standardized representation of clinical data (eg. clinical vocabularies and terminologies)
– Representation, analysis and visualization of biomedical and clinical knowledge (ie. automatic text processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods)
– New methods to conduct and evaluate health interventions based on the use of eHealth (telehealth, mobile health systems and social media).


Our primary focus is supporting access to essential research methods. In the first instance, MCATS will provide assistance and support to your research enquires. Our Health Informatics staff will assist you directly with your research enquiry, or organise assistance for you from any of the other capability nodes from across the University and our partners research institutes and teaching hospitals.

For any research enquiry not related to getting access to research methods expertise, MCATS will help connect you with the person, department or organisation that can assist.
Anne Woollett MCATS Manager
Manager, Melbourne Clinical and Translational Sciences (MCATS) research platform
Ph: 03 83443802
Mobile: 0438 561020
Email: or visit

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Health Informatics

Used for supporting researchers to manage research related data.

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MCATS Informatics

The University of Melbourne, . Level 1, 202 Berkeley Street, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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