Maximising Impact through Mathematics


Dr. Alison Demaria


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MAXIMA stands for the Monash Academy for Cross & Interdisciplinary Mathematical Applications. The acronym also describes our aim of Maximising Impact through Mathematics. MAXIMA was founded in 2013 to address an identified need at Monash University – to provide easier access to mathematical minds willing to turn their attention to help solve important societal challenges, in partnership with academic colleagues in other disciplines as well as industry partners.

MAXIMA’s activities are focused around four major pillars: collaborative research, industry partnerships, training, and outreach. More details can be found at

Industry partnerships

MAXIMA also provides a port of entry into the mathematical talent pool of Monash University for external partnerships with industry. There are several models of partnership that allow our industry partners to access mathematical expertise to tackle their problems. This includes consulting projects, contract research projects, and government subsidised schemes to encourage collaboration between the university and industry sectors. Such schemes include the ARC Linkage Scheme, run through the Australian Research Council; the AMSI Internship Scheme, run through the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute; the Researchers-in-Business Scheme, run through the Federal Government’s Enterprise Connect program; and the Technology Voucher Scheme, run through the State and Federal Government.

We currently have industry partnerships with several manufacturing companies in the South Eastern Innovation Precinct around Monash University’s Clayton campus, as well as organisations like CSIRO and VicRoads.



Our mathematicians are currently working on problems as diverse as modelling pest invasion and disease spread, stem cell differentiation and embryogenesis, improving traffic flow on our congested roads, and assisting the manufacturing industry with improved product and process design.

At MAXIMA we harness the best mathematical minds from across Monash University, and our global partners like Warwick University in the UK, in a structured, coordinated way to deliver impact through mathematics. We are also focused on building a new generation of mathematicians who will use their strong mathematical foundations, together with training in how to speak the language of other disciplines, to accelerate the impact they can make to society through their mathematical talents.

The breadth of this mathematical talent pool generates a wide range of expertise in MAXIMA’s mathematical toolkit. Many of these mathematical techniques can be applied to numerous application domains, and enable MAXIMA mathematicians to deliver impact to areas as diverse as climate modelling, manufacturing, disease control, reducing traffic congestion, and stem cell modelling.

Our areas of application include manufacturing, transport, ecology, medical research, health, weather & climate and energy & mining.



Monash University, Clayton Campus. Buiding 28, Wellington Road, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

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