Stability Ovens (x2)

forced stability studies under controlled ambient, or accelerated conditons


separation and identification of unknown volatile and semi-volatile compounds


high resolution separation of compounds, short run times with UV-visible spectra available for all peaks. DAD capability for assessing peak purity or investigating the UV-vis characteristics of unknown compounds


confirmation of solid compound phase and form, and determination of unit crystal dimensions

FTIR Micro

acquiring optical images, IR spectra and chemical distribution maps using IR spectra

FTIR Spectrometer

measuring the infra-red spectrum of either a gas, liquid or solid sample


to measure changes in a material's heat capacity as it is heated or cooled. This allows for the detection of thermal transitions including melts, crystallizations, glass transition temperatures, and phase changes

Raman Microscope

acquiring optical images, Raman spectra and chemical distribution maps using Raman spectra


acquiring electron microscopy images of solid samples

Plate Reader

spectroscopic, fluorescent and phosphorescent detection for well imaging

Plate Washer

Washing, dispensing and aspirating buffer solutions in 96 and 384 well microplates

Raman Flex

measuring Raman spectra of samples that are not suitable for measurement on the Raman microscope and can be hyphenated with the DSC8500


TGA measures the change in material mass as a function of temerature or time as the specimen is exposed to a controlled temperature program in a controlled enviroment.


Accurate mass determination for use in proteomics, metabolomics, polymer analysis and imaging studies


Accurate quantitation of trace level analytes from complex matrices with high sensitivity

Bio-Plex 200 System

A multiplex assay that allows to measure up to 100 biomolecule of protein or nucleic acid in a single sample.

Microplate Reader Victor3

A plate reader for Fluorescence, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Luminescence, and Absorbance (and UV absorbance), accepting all types of microplates from 1- to 1536-wells.