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Dr. Julien Ridoux

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IBES is an interdisciplinary research institute aligning research and industry interests for the benefit of society.

Founded in 2009, IBES conducts interdisciplinary research across four research themes: business and government, culture and community, education and learning, and health and ageing. Our aim is to become a leader in the development of broadband services and innovation for the benefit of Australian society. Integral to our success is fostering research collaborations across the University, other research institutes and industry. IBES is supported by the University of Melbourne, the state government of Victoria and our industry partners.

The IBES Lab provides a sandpit environment for the development of new broadband ideas and service offerings. The laboratory includes a state-of-the-art broadband network that supports the development and testing of new ideas in a real-life environment, ranging from configuring applications vertically through the technology stack through to assessing end user reactions to new services and applications.

The Lab supports a number of researchers as well as IBES Industry Partners to test and develop broadband applications. The Laboratory has been involved in a number of projects including: virtual collaboration, interactive gaming, immersive 3D environments and networked haptic tools.



The IBES Lab provides a testing, research and development environment to support the creation of new networked technologies and services. The IBES Lab contains a high-speed fibre broadband network, along with a suite of end-user devices commonly used in the home or office.

IBES has active connections with researchers and industry and the Lab provides a space that enables the gestation and promotion of products that are optimised to harness emerging technologies.


Access to the IBES Lab is negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending upon the project and the partners. Contact IBES if you would like to know more.

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Dr. Julien Ridoux

Dr. Julien Ridoux

Chief Technology Officer at The University of Melbourne.

P: (613) 8344 3816 | Email | Twitter |

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The University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus. University of Melbourne, IBES Building 193, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.

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Affiliations: The University of Melbourne

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