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Dr. Leigh Johnston

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The 4.7 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner is available for small animal scanning. Running standard sequences representing ultra-high resolution (60-80 microns) imaging of rats and mice and very high resolution (160 microns) imaging of larger animals such as rabbits, cats and guinea pigs. The following standard sequences performed, either alone or in combination (protocols) using IMND or PVM based method:

  • T1weighted MRI (MSME sequence) – structural imaging.
  • T2-weighted MRI (MSME or RARE sequence) – structural imaging.
  • PD weighted MRI (MSME or RARE sequence) – structural imaging.
  • Diffusion-weighted imaging (MSME or GRE) – functional imaging.
  • Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI standard) – functional.
  • T2 and T2* mapping (MSME or RARE).
  • EPI (SE or GRE) – fast functioning imaging.
  • Inversion Recovery (MSME) – structural imaging.
  • MR Spectroscopy (PRESS sequences).
  • Magnetization Transfer (GEFI-MTC) – special structural.
  • Manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MEMRI) – structural and functional.

These are the standard sequences, however variations are also available.

Other infrastructure:

  • Small surgery room within Facility.
  • Florey Animal Services for purchase of anmals and housing (limited availability).
  • Supercomputer and the Computing and Data Management Facility.

Access by:

  • Research collaboration.
  • Fee for service.



Know how:

  • Facility staff have experience in some surgical procedures.

Expertise:Availability of technical support:

  • Support for experimental design is available.
  • Support for instrument use is available.

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Dr. Leigh Johnston

Dr. Leigh Johnston

Facility Manager at Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne Brain Centre (Parkville).

P: (613) 8344 7087 | Email |

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Florey Animal MRI Facility

Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne Brain Centre (Parkville). Melbourne Brain Center, Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.

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