Bang for your buck

The resources provided in the following section were generated by Raven Consulting and VPTN following the Bang for your Buck workshop in Nov 2014. Please download the resources and use them as a guide to improve your planning in the lead up to “grant season” and also in the preparation of budgets and budget justifications.

These resources should used as a guide only and any activities you undertake from them should also be done in consultation with your organsation. Thank you to all of the participants at the workshop who all contributed to the discussion which shaped the resources we have provided.


Overview document from the workshop

"Communications planning resource"

Communications planning resource

A comprehensive guide to writing a communications plan. For Facility Managers to communicate with researchers about contributing to grant applications to increase chances of funding success.

"Budget Justifications resource"

Budget Justifications resource

Includes some key considerations in writing a budget justification to support the budgets in grant applications. The key message is that the justification is essential to get right to increase the chance of receiving full funding.

"Communications Planning XLS template"

Communications Planning XLS template

Use this template to build your annual communications plan leading up to the submission dates for the major competitive grant funding rounds in Australia.

  • Define your own dates to set your schedule and use the inbuilt traffic light indicators to give a snapshot of actions needing action
  • Select your various communications channels within customized messages to allow you to quickly create your message.
  • All content can be built upon from this starting point provided in this template.

"Budget Builder XLS template"

Budget Builder XLS template

We have designed this XLS template to act as a guide for each inquiry that you receive in your facility. The purpose is to allow you collect the minimum amount of information to understand the requirements of the researcher as you prepare a quote for them which could be used in their grant applications.

  • The template allows you to  create a defined list of instruments and services, with a set of defined prices or customs pricing.
  • Importantly, each item can include a standard justification text item which will assist the facility each time a quote is prepared. The justification text is a key item required in ensuring requested funds are provided to their fullest extent possible.

"Zip file"

Download a zip file with all five items


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