Facility reporting and evaluation. What! KPI’s?

Do you see an increase in your reporting burden/ obligation? Does your Director/ General Manager want to know how your facility is performing? How do you know how your facility is performing?

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9:00 am - 1:30 pm

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185 Pelham Street, Carlton, Victoria

University of Melbourne Law School, Level 10. (google map link)


This workshop will be heavily focused upon your own experiences. Our facilitator, Shaun Davis, from the Australian Institute of Management is in love with KPIs and with his encouragement, we will develop our understanding of what makes a good KPI and how these can help with planning and development of your facility.

This workshop will take an objective look at the range of KPI’s that facilities use to measure performance and how those are used for reporting, planning and ongoing development.

Invited speaker

  • Sach Jayasinghe, Research Infrastructure Strategy Advisor from the University of Melbourne Research Office.
    • On the University of Melbourne Infrastructure Strategy.
  • Zofie Felton, Business Manager, Metabolomics Australia.
    • Being funded through NCRIS. What does it mean? What does the NCRIS policy require a facility to report on. How do you collect the data?
    • What should you be thinking about in anticipation of future Federal Government “NCRIS style” funding?


  • To identify what Key Performance Indicators are used within facilities and to learn from your colleagues which ones have proven to be useful. [what defines useful]
  • By facilitated discussion, to develop a set of KPI’s which are appropriate for measuring performance within facilities.
  • Reporting KPI’s: How on earth can that help !!


  • VPTN Facility Managers / Directors

Additional / Optional

  • Tour facilities in the new WEHI or the NEW Melbourne Brain Centre (Parkville)
  • Indicate your interest in the registration form.
  • Tours will kick off after lunch, about 1:30 and will go for 30-45 minutes.
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VPTN Combined Node