Facilities thinking innovatively: how to develop winning ideas

Why should we think innovatively, and how do we do it?

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9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Corner Royal Parade and Grattan St, Parkville, Victoria


VPTN’s professional development seminar challenges you to think innovatively. It will guide you through a process to develop and critically evaluate an innovation to help you develop your facility and benefit your customers.

“Innovate or die” is the mantra for every organisation, and yet there are often few resources (time or money). Innovation is an integral part to developing business and facilities, and to do that you need a good ideation process. This seminar will introduce you to the “Innovation Diamond” (c) – a five stage process to develop ideas, in the early stages. It can be applied to solving problems, exploiting opportunities, and all types of ideas, including process, product, market and paradigms.

The program will cover:

  • the innovation value ladder – the business case and return on investment
  • a schema to identify your organisation’s approach to innovation
  • the Innovation Diamond© including how to:
    • define the focus for your idea/s
    • explore all the relevant issues
    • generate multiple ideas
    • develop and choose the best solutions


  • understand your facility’s position on the innovation value ladder
  • identify the core or underlying problem or opportunity
  •  apply a range of lateral thinking and creativity techniques to generate many
  • generate multiple different alternatives
  • create and apply meeting criteria
  • provide a number of possible solutions
  • arrive at defensible decisions

The workshop will be very hands on – you will have the opportunity to apply the Innovation Diamond© to an actual real problem or opportunity from your facility. At the outcome, you should have further developed the issue, and, depending on the scope of the initial issue, developed potential solutions, or identified ways to progress the innovation. Participants will be able to use the work done during the workshop to create a business case for presentation to their executive and/or client organisations.

About the Facilitator

Cris Popp is an experienced facilitator, trainer and speaker. He specialises in the areas of change and change management, innovation, resilience, teams and teambuilding, communication and leadership. He is particularly interested in how advances in positive psychology can help create high-performing, collaborative and resilient workplaces.

Cris has worked in both the public and private sector including as a business change manager, innovation facilitator, editor, online project manager, ABC journalist, and copywriter. He completed his Masters on innovation and maintains a keen interest in workplace creativity.

Registration for this event closes at 5pm on Friday 6th March.

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