DNA & Blood Profiling Facility

Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute


Dr. Farhad Shafiei

(613) 8532 1111

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Baker IDI has considerable research expertise in the areas of proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, genomics and epigenomics. The DNA & Blood Profiling Facility (commonly referred to as the “omics”) integrates these research disciplines so health problems can be examined from a multifaceted viewpoint. The central idea behind the new facility is so health problems are understood and resolved in a way that takes into account individual responses to risk factors. This systems biology approach combines the expertise of the scientists involved and the latest in technological advances in the fields enabling a more precise look at complex biological questions. In addition, our Bioinformatics team is developing new computational tools to analyse large data sets in a more lucid and concise manner.

The facility hosts state-of-the-art instruments including the Illumina Genome Analyzer II (next generation sequencing) with particular interest in ChIP Sequencing, and the llumina iSCAN (gene expression, microRNA arrays, and SNP genotyping) as well as a number of specialised mass spectrometers for genotyping/peptide mass fingerprinting, bio-molecule separation and protein profiling.

Researchers are encouraged to take full advantage of the many platforms available at the Omics Facility.

Our services are also offered to external academics and commercial organisations, at very competitive rates.

For more information, see our full list of platforms or contact the Facility Manager.



Know how:Services include:

  • DNA Sequencing
  • Biochemistry analyser
  • Lipids Profiling
  • Peptide Separation & Identification
  • SNP genotyping platform
  • Quantitative Gene Expression
  • Biomolecule separation
  • High throughput Liquid ELISA
  • MicroRNA Analysis
  • Gene Expression Array analysis
  • ChIP Sequencing
  • In-Gel Digest processing (Gel Plug analysis)
  • Peptide Mass Fingerprinting & Protein Profiling
  • Microchip electrophoresis system for DNA & RNA analysis
  • Real-time PCR analysis
  • DNA, RNA and tissue extraction

Expertise:Availability of technical support:

  • Technical support is available

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DNA & Blood Profiling Facility

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, 75 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Type: Core facility in a research organisation
Discipline areas: Biological Science
Precinct: Central
Affiliations: Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute

Biological Science categories: Assay development, Bio-Assay, Genomics, Proteomics