Deakin Electron Microscopy Facility

Deakin's Electron Microscopy Facility offers access to a comprehensive collection of equipment supporting electron microscopy, as well as scanning electron microscopes (SEM), transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and atom probe tomography (APT).

CSIRO Food Innovation Centre

CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre makes it easy for food, ingredient and equipment manufacturing companies to access our extensive expertise, technologies and support in innovation. From adopting innovative technologies and improving process efficiency to creating high value products for new markets, we partner with industry every day.

TrACEES Soil Analysis

Soil related analysis including carbon and oxygen isotopes in gas and liquid, as well as elemental and nutrient analysis.

Corrosion Research Centre

Deakin's Corrosion Research Centre is home to exceptional research and testing facilities that include the National Facility for Pipeline Coating Assessment. The Centre's focus is on innovative corrosion and materials research and testing.

Deakin Plasma Facility

The Institute for Frontier Materials, located at Deakin's Waurn Ponds Campus, hosts the Plasma Facility. This facility offers platform technologies for plasma research and development, providing solutions to industry problems and also facilitating collaborative projects.

Melbourne X-Ray Diffraction Platform

X-ray diffraction provides information on the structure of your material. XRD is useful in research, process control and quality assurance.

Microbeam Laboratory - CSIRO

Expertise in trace microanalysis on materials and minerals in both point analysis and mapping modes. Advanced data analysis capability implemented in a software package developed by the group - Chimage. This package allows hyperspectral mapping data to be clustered, phaes automatically assigned and quantified.

Rapid Automated Materials & Processing Centre (RAMP), CSIRO

The Rapid Automated Materials and Processing Centre (RAMP) provides user-pays access to state of the art robotics, automated materials synthesis & characterisation instrumentation in a world-class facility. We aid materials manufacturing, research and development processes, enabling productivity gains through the use of various High-Throughput materials synthesis, characterisation and performance assessment methods.

Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform

The Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform features CAVE2(TM) - a world-leading capability for the display and interactive exploration of rich and large datasets. It is used by scientists, engineers and artists to visualise, manipulate and comprehend data such as engineering models, multi-dimensional images across the size scale from nanoscopic to cosmic, and the outputs of scientific, computational and engineering simulations across the physical and life sciences and the arts and humanities.

CSIRO Lab 22 Innovation Centre

Metallic Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Metallic Additive Manufacturing, Metallic 3D Printing, Design, 3D Design, Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Prototyping, Biomedical, Manufacturing, Biomedical Manufacturing, Arcam, EBM, Arcam EBM, Concept Laser, M2, Concept Laser M2, Optomec, LENS, Optomec LENS, Voxeljet, VX1000, Voxeljet VX1000, Cold Spray, Titanium, Ti 6-4, Ti 6Al 4V, Cobalt Chrome, CoCr, ASTM F75

Smart Structures Laboratory

A major three-dimensional testing facility developed for large scale testing of civil, mechanical, aerospace and mining engineering components and systems.

Monash Instrumentation Facility

Monash Instrumentation Facility provides electronics and mechanical engineering services for the design and development of custom instrumentation and laboratory equipment to meet specialised research needs.

Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Facility (Parkville Campus)

The Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Facility, located at the University of Melbourne's Parkville Campus, hosts state-of-the-art PET/CT and 7 TMRI scanners. The Facility is led by Prof Roger Ordidge and supported by Mr Rob Wiliams (PET/CT) and Dr Brad Moffat. We welcome enquiries regarding your research projects.

Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing

The Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing takes fundamental research from a broad range of disciplines and applies them to manufacturing challenges. These disciplines include material science, alloy design and processing, surface engineering, corrosion and hybrid materials.

RMIT Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Housing some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies available, the Precinct brings design and engineering together, from digital design to digital manufacturing focusing in particular on 3D printing of advanced high value add products and components.

Melbourne Nanomaterials Characterisation Platform

This platform is a combination of atomic force microscopy (AFM), colloidal characterisation equipment and indentation capabilities to provide surface and material characterisation of a broad range of materials to support research activities in engineering, science and medicine. This platform has the capacity to provide information on surface topography, elasticity, magnetic and electrical properties, colloidal forces, wetting properties, and micro- and nano- mechanical material property characterisation.


Cross and Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics for researchers and industry

Melbourne Advanced Fluorescence Imaging Platform

The Advanced Fluorescence Imaging Platform provides access to cutting-edge instrumentation, focusing on super resolution optical microscopy and imaging flow cytometry. We support users with experiment design, data acquisition and analysis and instrument training across fields such as nanomedicine, cell biology, materials engineering and immunology.

MicroNano Research Facility

The MicroNano Research Facility (MNRF) representing diverse and high quality multidisciplinary micro- and nano-technology research within RMIT University is set to open its doors to users from mid 2014.

Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI)

VLSCI is the biggest computation facility devoted to life sciences in the world, where researchers can access high-end compute resources and a range of experts to assist them - from research design through to data management and interpretation.

RMIT Microscopy & Microanalysis Facility

Provides high quality electron microscopy and microanalysis facilities for research and teaching throughout RMIT University and provides access for external users. The Microscopy & Microanalysis Facility is a linked laboratory of the  Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility.

Monash eResearch Centre

The Monash eResearch Centre partners with research groups to accelerate and transform research, connecting them to the most appropriate hardware, software and services to sustain that capability.