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Flow Chemistry: An innovative tool for chemical processing


Mr. John Tsanaktsidis

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Emergent global trends around the development of new approaches to sustainable chemical manufacturing are rapidly gaining momentum and are driven by the unacceptably high inefficiency with the present state-of-the-art large scale production of chemicals.

Transitioning from inefficient and waste intensive processes to acceptable, resource efficient alternatives requires a significant change in approach and available technologies. In this respect, the use of flow reactors and continuous flow processing technology has emerged as an alternative to traditional batch processing.

Flow reactors for continuous flow processing are typically tubular or microfluidic chip-based systems, with well defined lateral dimensions, in which chemical reactions take place in a continuous stream within in a well defined temporal and spatial environment.



Flow reactors offer many advantages over conventional batch reactors, including:

  • Superior inherent safety – reduced reactor volumes; containment of hazardous substances
  • Fast and efficient mixing
  • Superior heat and mass transfer – control over exothermic reactions
  • Access to greater “reaction conditions space”
  • Safe processing of dangerous and unstable intermediates
  • Reproducibility – better process control resulting in higher reaction yields and product purities
  • Unlimited scalability – high reactor throughput by continuous processing; reactor scale-up by numbering-up of reactor units
  • Reduced capital and maintenance costs i.e. low cost-of-entry
  • Reduced energy usage and operating costs
  • Integrated in-line analysis and automation.

Technical contact:

Dr. John Tsanaktsidis Research Program Leader – Functional Small Molecules

Phone: 61 3 9545 2487

Fax: 61 3 9545 2446

Email: John.Tsanaktsidis@csiro.au

Business contact:

Dr. Kirsty Reed

Business Development Manager

Phone: 61 3 9545 2484

Mobile: 61 4 2105 7428

Fax: 61 3 9545 2446

Email: Kirsty.Reed@csiro.au

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Mr. John Tsanaktsidis

Mr. John Tsanaktsidis

Facility Manager at CSIRO, Materials Science and Engineering Clayton Campus.

P: 03 9545 2487 | Email |


Development of new continuous flow process for chemical manufacturing

Used for Production of chemicals (pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals) and polymers. .

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CSIRO Flow Chemistry

CSIRO, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering. Bayview Avenue, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

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