AAHL Biosecure Immunology Laboratory

The Biosecure Immunology Laboratory sits within inside AAHL's physical containment level 3 (PC3) quarantine envelope and houses a flow cytometer machine capable of sorting infected live cell types enabling researchers to compare the immune responses of different animal species, including humans, to highly pathogenic zoonotic agents.

Melbourne Advanced Fluorescence Imaging Platform

The Advanced Fluorescence Imaging Platform provides access to cutting-edge instrumentation, focusing on super resolution optical microscopy and imaging flow cytometry. We support users with experiment design, data acquisition and analysis and instrument training across fields such as nanomedicine, cell biology, materials engineering and immunology.


WEHI Cytometry is equipped with five fluorescence activated cell sorters ranging in capability from 2-laser, 4-colour 2-way sorting to 5-laser, 15-colour 4-way sorting

SVI Flow Cytometry Facility

The SVI Flow Cytometry Facility supports a wide range of flow cytometric applications such as DNA analysis, immuno-phenotyping, lymphocyte function assessment, apoptosis and proliferation assays, just to name a few.

Melbourne Brain Centre (Parkville) Flow Cytometry Facility

Based at the Melbourne Brain Centre - in the heart of Parkville’s biological sciences precinct - Stem Cells Australia provides a purpose-built flow cytometry facility equipped with the latest high-end flow cytometric machinery for our members and other interested researchers

ImmunoID Flow Cytometry Facility

This purpose built facility provides researchers in Melbourne with a world-class flow cytometry resource, equipped with the latest in high-end instrumentation


FlowCore is a purpose built core facility providing world-class flow cytometry services to scientists from Monash University, the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the broader scientific community in and around Melbourne, Australia.

MCRI Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Expertise in flow cytometry, cell sorting and microscopy including live cell imaging. Comprehensive support from assay design to data analysis.

Burnet ImmunoMonitoring Facility

The Burnet ImmunoMonitoring Facility is accredited in NATA's R&D Program and offers immunological testing and sample biobanking for vaccine manufacturers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutes involved in translational research and development of novel therapies.