Biomedical Materials Translation Facility

The BMTF aims to provide an environment in which the existing research expertise from partners and collaborators will come together to create critical mass in collaborative multidisciplinary research teams, to develop new materials for devices, diagnostics, delivery technologies, imaging agents and the assessment of these materials through new, non-invasive, in situ imaging techniques.

Monash PC3 Facility

Standard OGTR certified PC3 bio-containment facility with laboratories set up for both bacterial and viral applications

Burnet Cell Imaging Facility

Assists scientists from all disciplines to visualise and track the movement the cells. Provides guidance in the areas of project design, training and support in image acquisition and analysis. As part of the Monash Micro Imaging network, the facility gains has access to additional expertise and imaging platforms.

AAHL - Australia's biocontainment laboratory

AAHL is a world class high-containment facility enabling research and diagnostics on the most dangerous animal and zoonotic pathogens. Extensive laboratories and expertise at physical containment levels 3 and 4 available for collaborative and fee-for-service research.

AAHL PC4 Zoonosis Suite & Bioimaging Facility

The PC4 Zoonosis Suite and Bioimaging Facility, within AAHL (the Australian Animal Health Laboratory) provides world-class infrastructure and related technology platforms for researchers conducting projects requiring a high biocontainment/ biosecure environment.

AAHL Biosecurity Microscopy Facility (ABMF)

The AAHL Biosecurity Microscopy Facility is a national diagnostic and research facility specialising in viral identification, characterisation and microscopy of infectious diseases.