The Victorian Platform Technologies Network

The VPTN provides a resource to local research community to present their research core facilities, instrumentation and services under a comprehensive website. Its a scientific services business directory.

Monash Protein Production Unit

The Monash Protein Production Unit is a specialised protein production and purification facility. We have expertise in the production of recombinant proteins involving the generation of DNA constructs through to biophysical analysis of recombinant purified proteins.

Monash Antibody Technologies Facility (MATF)

MATF is a global source of cost effective, high quality, high affinity, custom monoclonal antibodies. We are known for our ability to succeed at challenging projects and strive to be the best at producing monoclonal antibodies where others have failed.

CSIRO Recombinant Protein Production Facility

The ISO9001 certified Recombinant Protein Production Facility (RPPF) provides Australian researchers with subsidised access to state-of-the-art facilities for large scale protein production, process development and optimisation using mammalian cell culture, fungal and microbial expression systems.