Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Facility (Parkville Campus)

The Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Facility, located at the University of Melbourne's Parkville Campus, hosts state-of-the-art PET/CT and 7 TMRI scanners. The Facility is led by Prof Roger Ordidge and supported by Mr Rob Wiliams (PET/CT) and Dr Brad Moffat. We welcome enquiries regarding your research projects.

Florey Behavioural suite

The Florey’s Behavioural Phenotyping facility provides an opportunity to establish and/or expand the characterisation a vast array of rodent models. Our state of the art equipment and testing capability enable both powerful and sensitive screening of rodent behaviours.

Stem Core

The SCA Stem Cell Core facility at the Melbourne Brain Centre provides essential services for Australian scientists using pluripotent stem cells in their research. SCA resources support bioengineering, nanotechnology, stem cell biology, advanced molecular analysis and clinical research activities

Victorian Brain Bank

The Victorian Brain Bank (VBB) has the function of providing Australian and International researchers with easy access to clinically and neuropathologically well-characterised post-mortem human brains and related samples.

Statistics and Decision Analysis Platform

The Florey Statistics and Decision Analysis academic platform provides expertise in the data, quantitative, and statistical aspects of basic science, clinical, imaging, and health services research carried out at Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne Brain Centre, as well as to external clients and collaborators.

Neuroscience Trials Australia (NTA)

Neuroscience Trials Australia is an Australian-based, not-for-profit contract research organisation specialising in neuroscience clinical research.

Neuro Research Services

Neuroscience research services offers access to a rodent neuro-phenotyping facility