Diagnostic Assay Development

Development, validation and small- to mid-scale manufacture of ELISA and rapid, point of care diagnostic assays for proteins or antibodies of interest. Documentation and technology transfer to end manufacturers

Burnet ImmunoMonitoring Facility

The Burnet ImmunoMonitoring Facility is accredited in NATA's R&D Program and offers immunological testing and sample biobanking for vaccine manufacturers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, universities, and research institutes involved in translational research and development of novel therapies.

Burnet Cell Imaging Facility

Assists scientists from all disciplines to visualise and track the movement the cells. Provides guidance in the areas of project design, training and support in image acquisition and analysis. As part of the Monash Micro Imaging network, the facility gains has access to additional expertise and imaging platforms.

Burnet Antiviral Screening

Burnet Antiviral Screening facility offers testing of chemical agents for their inhibitory activity against viruses including HIV and herpes simplex type 1 and 2 in cell culture based assays.

AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The AMREP (Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct) Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a state of the art, world class cell sorting and cell analysis laboratory