BioMation provides a bespoke animation & illustration service to aid visualisation of biomedical processes, molecular structures & cellular interactions. From concept to delivery, BioMation works in collaboration with our clients to create compelling visualisations to inspire their target audiences. BioMation houses a unique combination of scientific and creative expertise.

Mouse Cardiology Research Platform

Methodologies used: Microsurgery for induction of heart diseases in mice Echocardiography (non-invasive functional assessment) Micromanometry (hemodynamics) Radiotelemetry for assessment of conscious in vivo cardiovascular parameters Immunohistochemistry and quantitative histology Flow cytometry Routine cellular and biochemical assays

DNA & Blood Profiling Facility

The DNA & Blood Profiling Facility integrates proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, genomics and epigenomics so health problems can be examined from a multifaceted viewpoint