Approved for importation by the Australian Quarantine Inspections Service

Werribee Animal Health Facility (WAHF)

The Werribee Animal Health Facility (WAHF), comprises almost 20 acres of grazing areas, stock yards and animal room accommodation for medium to large animal species requiring QC1 to QC2 levels of microbiological, quarantine approved, containment.


Profiling/UnTargeted and Quantitative/Targeted Metabolomics on a variety of biological systems

The Florey Advanced Microscopy Facility

A core facility of the Melbourne Brain Centre at Parkville. We provide access to optical microscopy including bright field and fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging (both wide-field and confocal) and confocal microscopy, as well as specialised stereology and neuron tracing work stations. The facility also has state of the art facilities for image analysis, deconvolution and 3D rendering and animation (including  Amira, Huygens and Metamorph Software).

Monash PC3 Facility

Standard OGTR certified PC3 bio-containment facility with laboratories set up for both bacterial and viral applications

ImmunoID Flow Cytometry Facility

This purpose built facility provides researchers in Melbourne with a world-class flow cytometry resource, equipped with the latest in high-end instrumentation

ES Cell to Mouse & CRISPR Service

The Australian Phenomics Network (APN) brings together multiple services with world-class infrastructure and expertise for the creation, characterisation and cryopreservation of mouse models of human disease. Generous funding from Federal/ State government, research institutions and NHMRC means the APN can offer researchers access to services at a greatly reduced cost.

Burnet Antiviral Screening

Burnet Antiviral Screening facility offers testing of chemical agents for their inhibitory activity against viruses including HIV and herpes simplex type 1 and 2 in cell culture based assays.

AAHL - Australia's biocontainment laboratory

AAHL is a world class high-containment facility enabling research and diagnostics on the most dangerous animal and zoonotic pathogens. Extensive laboratories and expertise at physical containment levels 3 and 4 available for collaborative and fee-for-service research.

AAHL PC4 Zoonosis Suite & Bioimaging Facility

The PC4 Zoonosis Suite and Bioimaging Facility, within AAHL (the Australian Animal Health Laboratory) provides world-class infrastructure and related technology platforms for researchers conducting projects requiring a high biocontainment/ biosecure environment.

AAHL Biosecurity Microscopy Facility (ABMF)

The AAHL Biosecurity Microscopy Facility is a national diagnostic and research facility specialising in viral identification, characterisation and microscopy of infectious diseases.