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Used for Enhancing research methodologies and innovate using a range of tools and services


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Post author: SCIP Facility. Last update: 03/02/2016 at 10:00 am by SCIP Facility.


Dr. Leo Konstantelos

Phone: 03 90356125


Service overview

Enhance your research methodologies and innovate via a range of tools and services for capturing, analysing, visualising and presenting research materials

Speak with SCIP about what you would like to achieve and we can provide advice on what tools and services you can use to achieve this, such as creating databases, data visualisation and analysis tools etc. We also have strong knowledge on data repositories and collections, so talk to us about what you are trying to capture and we can let you know how much of this data may already be available in existing repositories and portals and is available for reuse.

We have a large range of 2D and 3D digitisation services available

Digital Forensics
Unlock research data on old media by utilising our Digital Forensic Services.

Research knowledge archiving
Access a development and testing ground for informatics solutions in archival science and digital humanities, with a focus on contextual information and research knowledge management.

Additional info


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: Facility will train you, Facility provides the service for you
Access: Access by collaboration, Access by fee for service, Access by users external to managing organisation, Access by users internal to managing organisation

Tags: 2D Digitisation, 3D Digitisation, data analysis, data visualisation, Digital forensics, research tools