Quantitative Image Analysis

Used for Analysis of the image resulting from your imaging


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Service overview

We provide three high end image analysis computers with a suite of licenced software for your use.

Imaris (Bitplane) – Used for analysis of 3D & 4D data sets and includes modules for movie making, measurement, cell tracking & filament tracing (and others).

Volocity (Perkin Elmer) – Used for analysis of 3D & 4D data sets and includes visualisation & measurement modules.

Metamorph (Molecular Devices) – From basic image processing to detailed measurement analyses. Include integrated Morphometric Analyses.

Image J/Fiji (NIH) – Open source software for image processing

Softworx Explorer 1.3 – Will open files with .dv extensions generated by Deltavision and OMX microscopes.

Additional info

There are also free software packages which can be installed on your own computers.


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