Optimisation Screening

Used for completing combinatorial mixing from a wide range of stock solutions.


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Service overview

Our robotics allow us to complete combinatorial mixing from a wide range of stock solutions, followed by many possibilities for dispensing nano-volume screening experiments. We also offer a wide range of additive screening and have the capability to rapidly complete seeded experiments.

Additional info

All of our experiments are (currently) based on a 96 well format, with dual subwells on our crystal screening plates (up to 192 experiments based on 96 crystallant conditions).

What Can We Do?

  • Fine Screening – stepping cautiously around a hit condition
  • Additive Screening – various chemical additives to a single hit condition
  • Seeding – increasing nucleation events in any screen
  • Kinetic Modulation – controlling the rate at which vapour equilibrium is reached
  • Combination Screening – using multiple optimisation strategies in one experiment


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Accreditation: ISO 17025
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