Nano Dispensing

Service: Nano Dispensing

Used for conducting smaller-scale experiments (10x less sample) than in a typical manual experiment.


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Service overview

Our Advantage: The Collaborative Crystallisation Centre’s advantage is that our technology allows us to set up thousands of unique experiments per day. Using robotic technology lets us conduct smaller-scale experiments (10x less sample) than in a typical manual experiment, in doing this we can complete a wider range of experiments with the same amount of sample.

Additional info

We offer approximately 50 crystallisation screens of commercial and non-commercial origin, offering a wide variety of initial screening conditions. All of the screens are formatted into 96 wells (8 x 12 array).

Our crystallisation plates are based on vapour diffusion technology and are designed for up to 192 nano-scale experiments. The size of the drops is large enough for crystals to be harvested for diffraction studies.


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