Food safety and quality for the food industry

Used for assisting the food manufacturing industry adopt & develop new technologies for safer, fresher foods


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Mr. Peerasak Sanguansri

Phone: 1300 363 400


Service overview

Our food safety and quality team provides:
* increased food industry productivity and innovation
* increased market access for Australian food exports
* strategic knowledge to reduce foodborne illness in the Australian community.

Whether you want to:
* take advantage of opportunities offered by new technology
* implement product, ingredient or process improvements
* develop new products or product extensions
* determine whether your process is sufficient to deliver a safe and stable food.

We help industry develop advantages in managing food safety and shelf-life in the manufacture of innovative food products.

We are world leaders in helping food and ingredient companies adopt emerging food processing technologies, particularly pulsed electric field, high pressure processing, ultrasonics and cool plasma, and developing applications specific to their food products.

In addition, our microbial genomic expertise helps companies track down the source of contamination in product spoilage cases or during recalls and our understanding of biofilm formation is helping the dairy industry in plant cleaning and sanitation.

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