Dairy – creating new opportunities for industry

Used for helping the dairy industry create commercial opportunities


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Mr. Peerasak Sanguansri

Phone: 1300 363 400


Service overview

Our specialists in dairy chemistry and physics, food technology, process engineering and advanced separations help companies:
* investigate and understand variation in the composition and structure of milk and the impact this may have on product quality and processing efficiency
* develop technologies, strategic knowledge and intellectual property in value-added dairy products through our knowledge of the whole of the dairy value chain – from farm gate to nutrition
* develop new products that retain fresh-like characteristics by using novel technologies such as high pressure processing, pulsed electric field, ultrasound, ultraviolet and short-time heat processing
* understand the interactions between consumers and dairy products to develop strategies for high-value, flavoursome and nutritious products
* add value to dairy by-products, waste streams and oversupply using extraction, separation, concentration and stabilisation of specialised ingredients.

We also:
* make recommendations on strategies for whole produce and elaborately transformed products using nutritional and health technology reviews
* characterise dairy ingredients for nutritional, functional and health attributes for optimal end-product performance.

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