CSIRO's food innovation centre food manufacturing pilot plant

Used for assisting the food, beverage and ingredient manufacturing industries innovate


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Mr. Peerasak Sanguansri

Phone: 1300 363 400


Service overview

We have an outstanding history of working with food manufacturers to:
* create innovative food products
* apply conventional and innovative food technologies
* increase process efficiencies
* produce prototype batches
* scale up new products and processes to near production-scale
* train staff and customers.

We help companies with a range of options from a once-off use of a single piece of equipment to prepare a commercial batch of product to long-term, strategic partnerships in developing pilot plant applications using innovative technologies.

We are world leaders in innovative food processing technologies such as high pressure processing, pulsed electric field, ultrasonics and cool plasma and developing applications for industry.

Additional info

Our $50m world-class food manufacturing research and development pilot plant in Werribee VIC is more than 3000 m2 in size with a broad range of conventional and innovative processing technologies and equipment including:
* six self-contained 500 square metre registered food factory modules, providing secure and confidential operations
* a further two non-food grade modules
* equipment fabrication and maintenance workshop
* laboratory facilities for chemical, biochemical, physical and sensory analyses
* storage areas for extended storage of samples and products.

Our expertise, technologies and equipment for hire include:
* separation and fractionation technologies including ultra filtration, fat fractionation, clarifiers and decanters
* thermal processing including UHT processing, heat exchange technology and commercial scale overpressure retort
* evaporation, spray drying and particle sizing technology
* state-of-the-art pilot cheese manufacturing plant
* fats, oils and emulsions processing technology including extraction, deodorisation and texturisation
* emulsion technology including homogenisation and microfluidisation
* packaging technologies including horizontal form-fill-seal modified atmosphere packing plant, aseptic packaging, tray packaging and vacuum/gas flush packaging
* fillers, closer, ovens, coating system, mixers, bowl cutter, injector, smoking oven, grinding mills, jacketed scraped-surface kettle and more.


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