Advanced separation technologies

Used for helping industry extract valuable components from agi-food processing streams


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Mr. Peerasak Sanguansri

Phone: 1300 363 400


Service overview

We help companies to:
* develop cost effective and environmentally sustainable separation solutions to extract, separate and purify valuable ingredients from agri-food streams
* add value to dairy, horticulture and meat industry co-product streams through the extraction and separation of bioactive and functional molecules
* decolourise and demineralise food streams
* concentrate liquid streams (dewater) using forward osmosis as a cost effective and sustainable alternative technology to thermal evaporation
* achieve significant gains in oil yield using a CSIRO-patented high frequency ultrasonics process
* scale up separation technologies and processes from laboratory to pilot scale to commercialisation.

Additional info

Key CSIRO capability available for industry includes:
* scientific and engineering expertise to develop and scale up separation technologies and processes
* chromatographic and membrane systems to develop separation strategies
* pilot scale simulated moving bed chromatography system (CSEP technology)
* laboratory and pilot scale membrane systems including: –microfiltration (stainless steel, ceramic and polymeric)
–reverse osmosis
–forward osmosis
* high frequency ultrasonic plates from 400 – 2000 kHz –purpose designed batch and flow through chambers
–lab to small production scale
* analytical capability –HPLC
–capillary electrophoresis.


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