Vic and SA talk on infrastructure

First published: 23/07/2013

Updated at: 06/12/2013 at 11:17 am

Representatives from the VPTN recently visited Adelaide Integrated Bioscience Laboratories (AIB Labs) facility managers.

There are currently 19 AIB Labs facilities which cover a diverse spectrum of bioscience, infrastructure and technical skills. They are all incorporated under Bio Innovation SA, a dedicated public corporation driving the growth of South Australia’s bioscience industry.

VPTN Node Managers Karen Clarke and Gerard Gibbs were accompanied on their trip on 19 June, by Caroline Laverty (Monash Antibody Technologies Facility), Zofia Felton (Metabolomics Australia) and Vivien Vasic (MHTP Medical Genomics Facility).

Caroline, Zofia and Vivien gave excellent presentations about the challenges faced by their facilities and the initiatives they are undertaking to establish national audiences, inter-technology quality management systems and inter-institutional alliances.

The VPTN contingent was graciously hosted by AIB Labs Manager Paul Johnston, and visited some of the premier facilities in Adelaide including the WarkTM Biotechnology Materials Characterisation and Microfluidics Facility and the new SA Health and Medical Research Insitute’s Preclinical, Imaging and Research Labs.

These Victorian and South Australian research infrastructure networks will continue to foster a close relationship for the benefit of researchers across Australia.

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