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First published: 17/10/2013

Updated at: 06/12/2013 at 10:08 am

A complete revamp of the Monash Histology service has seen it reinvent itself as a Research Platform.

The Monash Histology Platform (MHP) offers external researchers expertise in fresh and fixed tissue preparation for paraffin, resin and Cryotomy sections of animal, plant and human tissue.

A recent laboratory equipment refresh included purchase of an Aperio slide scanner which allows scanning and imaging of up to 400 slides at a time. Users can view their scanned slides online, compare them to each other, annotate and record the variations; this reduces time-consuming microscopy tasks.

The laboratory has the capacity to process up to 8000 tissue samples per day.  Histology Platform Manager Camilla Cohen said “We can also accommodate hospitals, researchers and other interested parties who are considering Tissue Micro Array storage of samples. Using our Beecher TMA for creating storage archives – we can offer this as an outsourced service. We are also very interested in trialling new equipment and offer consulting services internationally to other institutions.”

The Platform also invested in a Dako IHC scanner for automated immunohistochemistry staining ensuring consistent results and saving researchers’ time and money.

The Monash Histology Platform not only offers teaching services in cutting and staining – for PhD and academic researchers, but provides consulting services for external laboratories both local and overseas. “Most recently, the Platform has been involved in providing stained slides and scans to compare the effect on human tissue of a new antibody that can potentially target leukemic tumour cells as part of an international research project ,”  Platform  Manager Camilla Cohen said.

“Each March the Platform also runs an ‘Introduction to Practical Histology’ seminar to train users in fundamental and up-to-date techniques.

“We have very experienced staff who have a depth of knowledge and experience to look beyond routine fixing, cutting and staining to get the right result. We also offer traditional resin processing and staining for stereology and electron microscopy – so we cater for both old and new technologies.”

Monash Histology Platform has also been selected and is currently piloting implementation of the VPTN ARIN project software management system (CFMS) which will improve access for users through an electronic booking system and provide additional management software capabilities such as data analysis, sample registration and traceability.

The Platform is also piloting implementation of the newly developed Platform Quality Management System (PQMS) in order to enhance and optimise operational performance and ensure delivery of the highest quality service.  Based on formal international standards to ISO 9001, certification through PQMS will further support, enhance and extend industry engagement by providing local and international recognition.

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