Lorne conferences at the Mantra: Beach, sun, friends and science!

Looking for a friend in the lab?

First published: 30/01/2014

Updated at: 03/02/2014 at 2:54 pm

The Lorne series of conferences in February is ingrained into the psyche of many a Victorian biomedical researcher. The conferences have grown substantially and now attract an international audience over the five conferences held each year. The conferences cover:

There are also numerous satellite meetings that surround each of the main conferences. Check each conference website for further information on satellite meetings.

The trade hall sees a lot of action at each of the conferences, and this year you will see various facilities from the VPTN exhibiting, such as the Victorian Antibody Initiative, which is a partnership between the the Monash Antibody Technologies Facility and the WEHI Antibody Facility. The VAI will be at both the Protein and Infection and Immunity conferences.

Of course, all researchers attending the conferences rely upon the instrumentation and services that are available across the VPTN. While access arrangements vary on a case by case basis, all facilities in the VPTN are open for access to researchers from any institution or company. The managers and staff at facilities are leading experts who can both enable and support your research and development activities.

Did you know there are more than 120 facilities in 30 institutions in the VPTN? If you are looking for that piece of instrumentation, service, or facility, try searching this website by clicking the magnifying glass in the menu bar. Our facilities cover areas including proteomics, genomics, microscopy, animal resources, antibody production, protein production, medicinal chemistry, flow cytometry and high throughput screening.

Facilities and their expert technical managers provide your research with:

  • advice in experimental design
  • well-maintained instruments enabling quality research and better reproducibility of experiments
  • techniques you don’t have to spend time learning
  • a wealth of knowledge in their technical areas
  • access to expensive and specialist equipment

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