Grant applications? Maybe VPTN core facilities can help.

First published: 30/01/2014

Updated at: 11/02/2014 at 11:25 pm

Writing grant proposals to secure funding can be an arduous process.

Why not look at the core facilities, instruments and services in the VPTN?
Facilities can provide technical advice to enhance your research outcomes, and they may be able to help in your budgeting.

Facilities and their expert technical managers provide your research with:

  • expert advice in experimental design
  • well-maintained instruments enabling quality research and better reproducibility of experiments
  • latest techniques you don’t have to spend time learning
  • a wealth of knowledge in their technical areas
  • access to expensive and specialist equipment that research groups struggle to buy
  • confidentiality of IP – many facilities do not require shared IP*
  • easy fee for service transactions – many facilities do not require collaborations, acknowledgement can be sufficient*
  • quotes to add to your application*
  • assistance in writing your application*

(*Policies vary between facilities, VPTN recommends researchers clarify with each facility.)

The VPTN brings together more than 120 facilities in Victoria, Australia, across many areas including protein production, high performance computing, microscopy, animal resources, nanofabrication, imaging, genomics, and many more.

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