Cell-line Identification Service

First published: 18/09/2013

Updated at: 06/12/2013 at 10:28 am

The MHTP Medical Genomics Facility, now offers a cell line identification service using Short Tandem Repeat (STR) or microsatellite molecular profiling to authenticate the sixteen loci or markers on the genome that identify human cells.

Vivien Vasic, Facility Manager said “We’re offering cell line identification to researchers to provide total reassurance that the cells they are using in their research are not misidentified or cross-contaminated ensuring the best quality research outcome.”

“It’s becoming mandatory to authenticate cell lines prior to use.  Many of the major scientific journals are recommending cell line authentication using STR analysis as a prerequisite to grant approval or publication.”

“To eliminate misidentification and cross contamination of cell cultures, and the far-reaching implications including invalidation of published results, we use STR profiling for identification in of human cell lines and match the profile of the cells to the ATCC database.”

“A cell line can be considered to be authenticated when > 80% of the alleles in its STR profile match profiles from tissue, a corresponding cell line or between a cell line of origin and its derivative cell lines – otherwise the research could be flawed. A Cancer Research paper originally published in 2005 was retracted in 2010 due to suspected cross contamination.”

“To use our service a researcher simply submits DNA extracted from their cells and we will email a Cell Line Identification report to them within 3-5 days of receiving the sample.”

Visit the website from the button below, or emailsequencing.facility@monash.edu

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