BioMelbourne Network: Devices & Diagnostics Lab

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Mobile Technology in Healthcare and Well-being

First published: 30/01/2014

Updated at: 03/02/2014 at 9:38 pm

VPTN Sponsor the Devices & Diagnostics Lab

Because VPTN is a sponsor of the D&DL event, we are pleased to offer our members the opportunity to attend the BioMelbourne Network Devices & Diagnostics Lab (D&DL) on Thursday 20 February at BioMelbourne Network member rates of $295 for the full day’s program including a evening networking event post-lab.

About the Devices & Diagnostics Lab

“2013 has seen an explosion in new medical device innovations and digital health solutions and with this the exciting possibilities of a future with better healthcare. The Devices & Diagnostics Lab will provide a forum to discuss the challenges, issues and opportunities that have arisen with the development of these disruptive technologies with a focus on regulatory, alternative finance sources and clinically based solutions for improved patient care and maintaining good health.

Following on from the first hugely successful D&DL, BioMelbourne Network is delighted in 2014 to bring together a variety of exceptional speakers across a wide range of areas that each represent a part of the larger digital healthcare environment.”

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