ZPrinter 650

Instrument: ZPrinter 650

Full colour powder 3D Printer used for producing 3D models


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Manufacturer: 3D Systems, Z650. Installed 2013.

The ZPrinter is one of the only full colour 3D printers available on the market. These printers spread layers of fine powder which is infused with a colour binder, the resulting material is similar to plaster.

Benefits of the ZPrinter 650

The Z650 is able to print colour gradients in a spectrum of 390,000 colours. It has a large print bed with the ability to print models up to 254 x 381 x 203 mm in size at 0.1mm layer thickness.

Technical features and specifications

Maximum print size: 254 x 381 x 203 mm
Layer thickness: 0.1mm
Colour: 390,000 colours
Resolution: 600 x 540dpi
Minimum feature size: 0.1mm
Material: gypsum/plaster type material
File type: Single colour models can be printed from STL files, colour models can be printed from VRML or PLY files. These file types can be exported from most 3D software packages including Imaris. If required we can convert your radiographic dataset to a 3D model format.

Price list

Pricing category Price
Monash User – Material costs (volume of part) $0.65/cubic cm
External User – Material costs (volume of part) $0.75/cubic cm
Monash User – labour $50/hr
External User – labour $80/hr


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation

Access: Access pricing may vary
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