Instrument: XRD

X-ray powder diffractometer (XRPD) with sample heating and cooling used for confirmation of solid compound phase and form, and determination of unit crystal dimensions


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Dr. Phil Wright

Phone: 9903 9020



Manufacturer: Shimadzu, 7000L. Installed 2015.

Dual goniometer XRPD with a range of sample holders for different sample sizes and ability to control sample temperature over a -190 to 450C range

Benefits of the XRD

The XRD7000L allows crystal form to be studied over a -190 to 450C temperature range using a heater/cooler sample stage

Technical features and specifications

– 0.0001 degree minimum step angle
– Up to 1000 degrees/min scan rate available with 0.0002 degree reproducibility for fast measurements and reliable data.


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: User operated training provided, User or facility staff operate, User or facility staff operate pricing may vary
Access: Access pricing may vary, Book it on ARIN, External researcher use available