UV/Ozone Cleaner

Instrument: UV/Ozone Cleaner

UV/Ozone Cleaner used for Surface preparation and cleaning


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Manufacturer: Bioforce

A UV/Ozone cleaner removes surface contamination by irradiating the surface of the substrate being cleaned with a mercury lamp. The lamp generates energy in the ultra violet region which decomposes oxygen molecules and produces ozone. The ozone molecules then decompose into atomic oxygen. The atomic oxygen cleans the surface by decomposing the organic matter on the surface thus producing molecules such as H2O, CO2 and O2. Removing surface contamination significantly increases the wettability of the surface

Benefits of the UV/Ozone Cleaner

-UV/Ozone cleaning of surfaces
-Removal of organic residues from surfaces
-Oxydation/Hydrophilisation of surfaces
-Cross linking of UV-curable resins
-Clean AFM tips
-Oxidize PDMS microfluidic devices
-Prepare surfaces prior to gluing

Technical features and specifications

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