A desktop 3D printer used for training people how to design for 3D printing


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Post author: Milan Brandt. Last update: 06/03/2014 at 2:08 pm by Milan Brandt.





Manufacturer: 3D Printing Systems, UP! DESKTOP . Installed 2011.

The UP! Desktop is an affordable, easy to use 3D printer that can sit right on your desk. The printer prints tough durable ABS plastic models for rapid prototyping suitable for visualization and functional testing. It works in a similar way to the larger more expensive fused deposition modeling (FDM) machines.

Funding sources: Institutional

Benefits of the UP! DESKTOP 3D PRINTER

Intelligent snap off support, printed in the same material, printed at a lower density and built automatically by the included 3D print software makes the UP! Desktop a versatile cost effective solution for rapid prototyping and keeps things simple by excluding the need to buy a second material for the generation of support structure.

Technical features and specifications

Material printed on the UP! Desktop is:
» White ABS Plastic

Unique Features
» Printer comes completely assembled and ready to use in 15 minutes.
» Simple and cost effective build and support material in one.
» Great as a teaching aid or for the professional wanting low cost quick turnaround prototypes.
» Heated build platform with easy to remove board.
» Intelligent support material, snap and breakaway supports.
» Models can be printed hollow, semi hollow, semisolid or solid with an internal honeycomb structure to provide added strength.

Technical Specification
» Build platform (WxDxH) 140 x 140 x 135mm
» Layer thickness 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm layers
» Printer Dimension(WxDxH) 245, 260, 350mm
» Printer Weight 5kg
» Approximately cost for 1cm of part volume 8 cents


Capacity: This instrument is heavily booked
Operation: User operated training provided
Access: Internal researcher use only