Stability Ovens (x2)

Thermoline controlled temperature/humidity stability chamber used for forced stability studies under controlled ambient, or accelerated conditons


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Post author: Nicole McMillan. Last update: 20/01/2016 at 10:31 am by Nicole McMillan.



Dr. Phil Wright

Phone: 9903 9020



Manufacturer: Thermoline, Stability Cabinet. Installed 2015.

The TRH-300 is a 300L stability chamber for studying product stability. Temperature and humidity profiles are fully programmable and are automatically recorded by the on-board data logging system.

Benefits of the Stability Ovens (x2)

– Built in data logging with USB port for easy download of data
– Controlled temperature over 10-60C range and 10-90% relative humidity
– Temperature and humidity are fully programmable up to 250 steps for diurnal studies

Technical features and specifications

– Thermoline TRH-300 300L stability chamber with integrated data logging capability
– +/-0.1C temperature accuracy
– +/-1% RH accuracy


Capacity: We encourage greater utilisation
Operation: Facility staff operate this instrument, User or facility staff operate pricing may vary
Access: Access pricing may vary, External researcher use available